The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review – Full Walkthrough Demo – Great For Beginners!

Is the 12 Minute Affiliate legit or scam?

Read on, because as a member I’m going to take you inside the entire system…

So What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

The 12 minute affiliate system founded by internet marketer Devon Brown has done-for-you affiliate sales funnels ready-to-go in the three biggest (and easiest to make money with) niche markets. These are: the “Make Money From Home” niche, the “Weight Loss” niche, and the “Personal Development” Niche.

FIRST: Choose what niche/niches you want to sell affiliate products in.

SECOND: Personalize and activate your system.

The whole process only takes about 1-2 hours, or you can just choose to have them do it for you. Once the system is set up, all of your email follow-up messages, affiliate products, and full automation will be ready to go.

THIRD: Add done-for-you traffic.

Once the system is set up, you’ll be able to order as much traffic as you want (based on your budget). This takes all of 2 minutes to do. Just place your traffic order, and sit back and relax while the traffic comes to your affiliate funnels, and…

Devon boldly claims that you can have it all operational before you go to bed tonight!

Who Is Devon Brown?

Hi, I’m Devon!

Devon Brown (“Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”) is a very charismatic, straight up, NO B.S. kind of guy that describes himself as  “a Hip Hop Dancer, Success Coach, Speaker, Infotainer, Emcee, Professional Bringer Back Of Sexy,” and Author of “Throw Your Sexy On It” and creator of “12 Minute Affiliate” the top product on ClickBank.

He has been an online entrepreneur since 2001.  At 23 years old he filed for bankruptcy because he’d tried a dozen different “make money” opportunities. Fast forward to 2005 – that’s when he had his first big “AH-HA!”

Devon openly claims that he pretty much sucks at Technology, but when he discovered that making affiliate commissions is NOT about selling affiliate products, things changed!

Now he enjoys spending his time teaching, speaking, emceeing, or making media appearances.

What’s In The 12 Minute Affiliate System?

In the 12 minute affiliate system you will find that most affiliates are not making money because they do this the wrong way…

First you have to go through the Quickstart Checklist in your dashboard to get your funnels up and running. The step-by-step videos are outdated, use the written instructions that are short, quick and very easy to follow.

Step 1: Create a free ClickBank affiliate account (2 mins).
You will get step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Clickbank and get your affiliate ID.

Step 2: Get your Aweber autoresponder (2 mins)
You will watch a video guide you through each step of signing up for your Aweber account. Aweber is the preferred choice for the 12 minute affiliate system. You can sign up here.

Step 3: Set up your Aweber autoresponder (step-by-step instructions)
Not only will you be guided to set up your email campaign, within minutes you’ll also import your done for you email follow up series using a code, with your affiliate links already in them to more products.

YES, more products!

He also includes training for signing up to Aweber before and after January 2020 due to changes they made.

Showing that Devon and his 12 minute affiliate team really do cover all the bases and even go that extra mile to have it all set up, tested and done for you!

Step 4: Activate your 12 minute affiliate funnels
This is so easy and quick, depending on the plan you selected (1 or all 3 niches) you just pick your templates by clicking on the buy traffic button to the right. Everything is already set up in the templates (your autoresponder with ready made emails and your affiliate link). 

Step 5: Done-for-you setup (Optional, takes 2 mins)
This option is for those that aren’t tech savvy and want Devon’s 12 minute affiliate team to set it all up for you. You’ll pay a one-time nominal fee to get it done, but it’s well worth it!

Step 6: Get done-for-you traffic (2 mins)
This is the last piece of the puzzle, what type of traffic you want (which niche) then you pick how many visitors you want, each plan shows how much you’re paying for the amount of visitors, click on it and sign the agreement (start small and scale up as you go).

There’s a disclaimer while they can NOT guarantee opt-ins or sales. They can only guarantee that the traffic will be REAL.

NO ONE can guarantee you’ll get traffic with paid traffic methods, even with search engines and social media, you have to monitor and test your ads.

He also includes an UNADVERTISED BONUS TRAFFIC COURSE 100% FREE OF CHARGE for you to download!

There is only so much traffic you can order (unless you have an unlimited budget). You’ll be able to access this downloadable course. Just make sure that you send ALL of your traffic to any one of your 12 Minute Affiliate opt-in pages to get people on your email list!


In the 12MA member’s area you will see there’s a resources section. The first resource is Devon’s Education Center. He has his Team Training Replays videos on the left side and his How To Training videos on the right side.

His videos are step by step trainings, showing you:

  • How to get approved for a WarriorPlus product, and build a funnel with an email campaign from A to Z

  • How To Set Yourself Up For MASSIVE Success When Participating In High-Dollar Affiliate Launches

  • How To Get Into The TOP 1% Of Affiliate Marketers

  • How To Send A Broadcast Message on Aweber

  • How To Find a Udimi Vendor and Purchase Traffic on a Budget and Much More…

You will also get access to 80 niche specific email follow up swipes with your affiliate links already created for all 3 niches ready for you to use in your email campaigns.

As a 12MA member you will get to join his private VIP Facebook group. He has a contest every month with a chance to win cash, prizes and FREE traffic, not to mention make a sale from promoting another product!

There’s One More Surprise!

If you get your Quickstart Checklist done within 72 hours of joining, you will win a FREE Vacation.

Devon gives you the vacation because he really wants you to give his system an honest try!

No catch!


There are two membership plans to choose from should you continue using the 12 minute affiliate system, the Basic Level and the Gold Level. You may select paying monthly or a one-time fee for each plan. You can try either plan for only $9.95 for a 14 day trial, then you will be billed automatically when the trial period is over.

​​Basic Level Plan
1 Niche
Monthly – $47
One-Time for Lifetime – $397

Gold Level Plan
All 3 Niches
Monthly – $97
One-Time for Lifetime – $797

The Pros And Cons


  • There’s a 14-day trial period for only $9.95

  • If you complete the quickstart checklist within 72 hours you get a FREE vacation

  • Clickbank additionally offers a 60-day money back guarantee

  • You have the option to pay monthly or a one-time fee

  • It’s newbie friendly

  • There’s one-on-one coaching if you’d like additional training from Devon or his team

  • You can promote the pre-selected products in the system, or you can promote your own products

  • You can integrate your own domain names for your funnels

  • The traffic method is hand-picked by Devon, plus he shares FREE traffic strategies

  • You can join his private VIP Facebook group where he holds live trainings every month

  • He also has a contest every month and you can win real cash, prizes or free traffic for entering


  • You do have an additional monthly fee of $19 for your Aweber autoresponder

  • You have to have a budget for paid traffic

The 12Minute Affiliate comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied!

My Final Word On 12MA?

The verdict is in…. My honest opinion is that the 12 minute affiliate system is truly a great way for beginners to start.

Here’s why… First let me just say that you won’t get rich overnight, but it’s a great foundation for a beginner to get started and scale up. So if you’re looking for a get rich scheme, this isn’t it.

Devon even tells you that!

However, it IS the EASIEST way for a newbie to quickly get started building a business the right way by using email marketing to generate traffic and sales. That’s the smart, steady way to become successful. Any successful marketer knows that the money is in the list.

Does it take time?


But EVERY legitimate business does.

You don’t have to build any websites or landing pages, bridge pages, pay for a domain name or hosting.

You don’t have to look for any products to sell.

You don’t have to create any emails, there are 80 professionally written emails done for you, with your affiliate links to 10 different products that are systematically being sent on autopilot.

The time, effort and money you’d have to spend to learn and implement all that is included in this process all by yourself, is worth the price for this simple done-for-you system.


There’s countless hours of Devon’s live training replays from his private Facebook group. 

Devon Brown is the REAL deal, a very likeable, well respected, honest internet marketer/edutainer that created this amazingly simple done-for-you system to set a beginner up for success. 

He really cares!

His excitement to help people is contagious. His great customer reviews, and ranking #2 on Clickbank speaks volumes, not to mention he’s constantly updating the 12 minute affiliate system to make it even better. He also consistently puts up videos to help his customers in his private Facebook group. 

I highly recommend the 12 minute affiliate system because of it’s top notch quality, simplicity and stellar customer service. Those ingredients are a win win in my book. In fact, it’s so simple even a Granny like me can do it! Seriously, there’s NO other system out there that compares to the value you get with this program. 

How do I know?

I’ve tried a lot of other systems over the past years and I’ve paid a lot more and got way less for my money.

Their customer support is here in the US, M-F, 10am -6pm EST and answer quickly because they really do care and treat you like family.

I’ve NEVER had a company call just to welcome me, no upsell either!

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. So just click on the big blue button below to get started today… Hurry before the price increases!

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