4 Chrome Extensions I Use For My Business

4 Chrome Extensions I Use For My Business

#1 Colorzilla – With this extension you can easily find the exact color of anything you want to match online and use it for your website, background, text. Ebooks, banners, thumbnails and other graphic designs.

#2 Socialblade – Use this extension to look up YouTube channels in your niche and see how much money they’re making, how many views per day, how many subs, and more analytics that help you create a similar channel.

#3 YT transcribe – You can transcribe videos on YouTube using this tool and it put it in the right format, not just bunched together words or broken sentences.

#4 Vidiq – This extension is a must have for video creators, it gives you keywords tags, daily trends, most viewed videos and more valuable information for YouTube creators.

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