How To Make a Facebook Banner Engaging!

How To Make a Facebook Banner Engaging – How To Create a High Converting Banner Facebook banners are 851 x 315 pixels. This video tells you how to create Facebook banners that will tell your audience exactly what to do.

I’m going to show you how to set your page up for a business owner. This space right here is what we call real estate in Facebook. You want to make sure you’re utilizing it to your fullest. You want to make sure that you have a picture of yourself so people know that you’re a real person. You want to do a few things to your profile to make it interactive.
People need to be shown what to do, where to go, and how to get there. I am mind a success mindset mentor and I just have a quick little question. Are you struggling to reach the level of success you desire? Click here to join my group, so most people are going to click right here to join my group. When they click on that picture, it’s going to bring up a little place where you can put a description. You want to make sure you’re utilizing that, to put the description. I just put in make sure you join my free group or you will find guidance and support from like-minded people that want to change their mindset and live the life they desire. I put the link to my Facebook group. I also have a free Ebook that I like people to download to help them get started on reprogramming their mind for a mindset of success. if you click right here then It will take you to my Facebook group.
I’m utilizing the real estate on my Facebook group as well so on this one. I’ve changed it up where I just want them to click on the free guide. You can also put your other social media addresses so people know to where to find you on InstagramPinterest, and YouTube as well. If they click on the image it’ll bring it up again.
Another place to put a description, on this one I’m just welcoming you into the family. I’m thanking you for joining my free successful mindset group where you will find guidance and support from like-minded people that want to change their mindset and live the life they desire. I’m just telling you to introduce yourself, tell us about who you, are and what your desires are and how we can help you. Again I have a link for them to download my free Ebook. You want to gain trust with your viewers and followers, you also want to bring value, so I do that by giving them a free Ebook.
I have other freebies I’ll be offering as well. People come to you first, because they know and trust you. They do that by getting value from you, if you can offer people value then that gives them a an opening to start trusting you. If people like you, they’re going to do business with you. Always make sure that you’re bringing value to your customers, followers and viewers.
We’ve covered the real estate up here that you want to utilize to get your message out. You have to tell people exactly what to do, that call to action. Also in the intro here you’re going to put a little bit about yourself, who you are. I also put the free Ebook here because I want to give value so they start trusting me. You can also edit that as well and again I’ve got my Ebook link embedded so they click on the image where they can get my Ebook and they can join my my Facebook group as well.
There are important things you want to make sure that you implement in your profile, on your business page and in your group. Your Facebook page and group are interconnected. I would suggest that if you’re a business owner that you utilize your Facebook account to get followers and give content. Build a tribe, interact with them. I also recommend you do regular short videos. Videos get people’s attention more than posts!

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